DIT University 7th Convocation

7th Convocation Ceremony 2023

DIT University celebrated its 7th Convocation Ceremony on
2nd December 2023.

DIT University 6th Convocation

Convocation 2022

DIT University celebrated its 6th Convocation Ceremony on
15 October 2022.

DIT University 5th Convocation

Convocation 2021

DIT University celebrated its 5th Convocation Ceremony on
29 January 2022.

DIT University 4th Convocation

Convocation 2020

DIT University celebrated its 4th Convocation Ceremony on
12 December 2020.

DIT University 3rd Convocation

Convocation 2019

DIT University celebrated its 3rd Convocation Ceremony on
21 December 2019.

DIT University 2nd Convocation

Convocation 2018

DIT University celebrated its 2nd Convocation Ceremony on Saturday, 1st December 2018. A magnificent occasion celebrated at the University premises.

DIT University 1st Convocation

Convocation 2017

DIT University celebrated its 1st Convocation Ceremony in Dec 2017. A marvellous and grandious occasion celebrated at the University premises will be remembered for years to come.

To be a world class professional University, constantly striving for excellence in education by high quality teaching in synchronization with the industry needs. To be driven by the spirit of ground breaking research and entrepreneurship. To instill each student qualities of mind and character necessary for good citizenship and wise leadership.

Our Vision

To put our students first and work responsibly with honesty, transparency and integrity to influence, inspire and nurture talent for our students, and the members of faculty and staff. To encourage creative ability and research temperament. To provide knowledge based technological services for industry and society. To synergize the teaching learning process through active interaction with industry and academia whilst embracing modern technological changes.

Our Mission

Convocation Attire

DIT University

DIT University for years gone by has instilled strong cultural values and has always maintained a bond towards its students and heritage. This pure depiction is visible through our traditional attire worn by our students during their graduating ceremony.